AirCut Records

Patty Dee created a music label called Aircut Records. This was in the day of vinyl records and CDs were not yet on the scene. She released two independent records of her own works. The first was a single called "We've All Had Enough" and "Now or Never." Later she released an EP called "Fade the Night Away" with five songs.

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  • We've All Had Enough Now Or Never

    Patty Dee Single
    We Have All Had Enough
    Now Or Never

  • Price:$10

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  • Fade The Night Away

    • Side One
      Fade The Night Away
      In My Mind

    • Side Two
      Phantoms Of Night
      Maybe I'm Right

  • Price:$15

fade the night away
in my mind
phantoms of the night
maybe im right
wev'e all had enough
now or never